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 Testing my new photo hosting website - so far so good :)

I created this for LFCC to have something for da man to sign. Please credit to [personal profile] annejack  if you want to repost this anywhere, thank you :)

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 Hi Evereyone!

I think most of you have heard/read about photobucket changing their terms of use and trying to rob us of our money from now on - it's just Murphy's law that his happened after I spend weeks and weeks to sort through the archive and move pictures around in folders, snort.

Anyway... I have found a new site thanks to 
[personal profile] dieastra  who posted a link to .

and I just registered and find my way around and see if there is an easy way to move all my pics from photobucket here. 

The funny thing is that except of the communities front page picture over at LJ, all my pics are still here so I am a little confused about why that is so. Tons of pics from others are gone, but mine still appear to be there. I have no idea why?

If I knew why, I would probably just try to continue posting on photobucket and see what happens 'scratches head'. But I geuss I'll be better safe than sorry, eh.

Anyway, all of you who are posting pictures on the net, check out this site, it seems pretty easy to use!

Hugs and hang in there,


May. 26th, 2017 11:37 am
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Sorry, the quality is real bad so I have to keep it small, but it's still nice eye candy, eh?
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 Hi Everyone!

Finally, finally I am getting around to re-start this community! I want to apologize for the loooong delay, but real life and other stuff kept getting in the way and I had to re-organize the photobucket to start over..

First I want to say a big THANK YOU to [personal profile] lolmac for letting me continue this place. She and others created it, made it work and continued to keep it alive for so many years. I am happy to go on with it and will try to do the best job I can.

I will try to post pictures at least twice a week and one on the weekend so you'll get your regular RDA fix :) 

Everyone is welcome here to view lovely pics of a wonderful actor, a great guy and all the characters he portrayed throughout the years! 

Big Hugs to Everyone,
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